so busy ...

hey guys, i know, long time no talk :( everything's been so busy, finished the school musical (i'll post pictures soon!) and finally finished exams, so summer has begun!

so how is everyone? :)

tell me something interesting.
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Hey guys ... long time no talk, eh?
I know I said I would be back about a month ago, but things started to get really hectic. School problems + fam problems + social problems = total stress. I barely even have time to sleep anymore, let alone get to a computer. But I feel terrible 'cause usually when I'm feeling down I would turn to my LJ ... cause let's face it my LJ friends are amazing, help me through soo much <3

So now that things have almost calmed down, I found some time just to leave a small update. I haven't made many graphics lately, but I think I might try to today :D
But I'm defff gonnna try my hardest to keep things updated, and check out my Friends page.

So ... how are you guys :)

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From now until about the 25th of March, I will be on a
short HIATUS

I'm going away to Paris and Barcelona with my school!
(I think I've told some people about it already)
So I don't think I'll have the time to update my journal,
but I defo will when I get back !
So I hope everyone enjoys their break!
(if you have one)

Talk to you in two weeks!

p.s... when I come back I'll have TONS of stories to share

psd files

Some people have asked me to post a tutorial, and because i'm just that lazzy I decided to upload the psd's  instead!
So I hope everyone finds this helpful! :)

  get the psd file here

  get the psd file here

Banners and Headers post

Graphic goodness ♥
I had a four day weekend, wasn't in the mood to do any homework, so I decided to go crazyy with the photoshop!

[18] HP Trio Banners
[13] Rupert / Emma Banners
[10] Miley Cyrus Banners
[5] Ashley Tisdale / Vanessa Hudgens Banners
[1] Daniel Radliffe Banner

Check them out behind the cut

*warning for dial-up users! It's pretty imageheavy

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